Merco6 is a free and completely free platform allowing everyone to publish essays, poems, books, pieces of music, short films, comics, drawings or opinions freely and for free.

Each publication is proofread by a moderator, who if it respects the law (no copy and paste, no prohibited content, no content reserved for adults), will be featured on the site and the mobile application.

Are you looking for inspiration? Do you want to discover the works of people not necessarily known? Browse and enjoy the creations published by Internet users. Art, literature, design, music and all other creative content is now accessible to everyone, and published by everyone.

Do you have the soul of an artist? Do you have anything to say ? Chronicles to write? Go there and let your imagination run free.

You can integrate text, videos, images or publications from social networks, and submit your story for proofreading, before being featured on the site and the mobile application.