You have a passion for writing and you want to leave your writing somewhere. The Internet is a great opportunity to share your works with the whole world. But there you have it, by posting your latest poem, or your latest short story, novel or opinion on Facebook, Instagram or even your personal blog, not sure you have enough readers and feedback, apart from those of your loved ones.

So to go beyond your surroundings, here is a list of sites and applications where you can share your literature with more people, and who knows, make yourself known even more! open and free

First, you can publish your latest work right here on It’s a completely open and free platform.

To publish your poem, your short story, your entire book or even a simple column or opinion, go here.

If you want to publish several chapters related to the same book, first publish your texts and contact us so that we can create a dedicated page for you that will gather all your chapters in the order you want.

Merco6 is very easy, you just have to write, publish and in a matter of hours, it’s online.¬†You just have to give the moderators time to upload your text, your poem or your thoughts.

Besides poems, you can also post columns, mood posts, and opinions on current affairs, social issues, philosophy or whatever else you want.


We Love Words: French community of writers

On We Love Words, you can publish your text very easily, and create a file for yourself. We Love Words is a true French community of authors, and readers will be able to subscribe to your page. The site even runs contests, so why not try them out?

Go to We Love Words.


Fiction Press: English and old school

Fiction Press is a community of English-speaking writers who write primarily novels and short stories.

Go to Fiction Press


Smash Word: novels in English

Smash Word is an English-speaking platform on which you can publish mainly novels. It is an alternative to Amazon for those who particularly want to put their books up for sale.

Go to Smash Words


De plus en plume : for french authors

On De plume en plume, you can also publish your texts, and read those of others. The site is however a little dated, and you will have to get used to its design. Nevertheless, for lovers of the traditional web, they will be in heaven!

Go to De Plume en Plume


Booksie: a self-published English site for all styles

Booksie contains hundreds of thousands of novels, short stories, poems, of all genres, and the site offers contests and tools to support writers.

Go to Booksie



Wattpad is a community of authors that prides itself on making you the potential future bestselling novelist! And for good reason, the service provided by Wattpad is very modern, and the site is multilingual. A real springboard for your future career. So I recommend it to you, with your eyes closed!

Go to Wattpad.


Scribay: the French outsider

Scribay is the anti wattpad, but in french. Modern, fluid and calibrated to make you a successful author, Scribay could be your ideal ally, and more geared towards a French-speaking audience. Give it a try!

Go to Scribay


404 Factory : the digital publishing house for geeks, in French

404 éditions is a website that brings together the best of geek culture. On the menu, pop-culture with fanfictions, diaries, novels, all geek oriented. French, and original!

Go to 404 Factory


Plume d’Argent: in French

Plume d¬īArgent is a platform dedicated to the publication of writings, novels, books, whatever the genre. This is also a French site.

Go to Plume d’Argent


Fyctia: the French writing competition

Fyctia works like a contest: readers vote for the texts they support, which allows their authors to unlock writing credits to continue their stories. Here too, this is a French site.

Go to Fyctia


Share with us your favorite online author communities in the comments below!


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  1. Bonjour,
    Je n’arrive pas √† me connecter.
    Inscrite depuis peu, mon adresse mail est bien retenue mais je ne peux même pas reinitialiser mon MDP.
    Je compte sur vous…


    • Bonjour,

      Suite à votre commentaire, avez-vous pu résoudre votre problème de publication sur merco6 ?

      Vous avez actuellement un article en brouillon, vous pouvez le publier quand vous voulez.

      Bien à vous,

      L’√©quipe merco6.

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