Short Poems About Life

Slug – Free Verse Poem

That slippery slime,

That crawls out of damp places,

In the sorrowful night,

It wishes to find a home,

A home of vegetables is like a dream,

If it was a dream like no wonder any slug likes one,

When they crawl out in the day light,

In the garden full of vegetables,

Their dream becomes one.

(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)

Inspiration, Short Poems About Life:

This poem is about life of a slug.  It searches for a better days during its life cycle.  It spends all his life searching for a better place of living. Mostly dreaming of a home of vegetables.  It crawls during night time to search for a place to live happily but never knows that it is a dream for most of his fellows.  Once it find a perfect place to live like a garden of vegetables. That makes his dream come true.

Most of us dream of living a perfect life but that is impossible.  every stage of life has different challenges and we spend most if our lives to attempt these challenges.

Once that slug finds a dream place to live, it gets more predators and ultimately that dreamy life is very short.

That’s what this is one of mine short poems about life.  What is your opinion poem about life and challenges on the life?

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Written by sarahshahzad

Poetry and art, both are a medium of expression of oneself. History of both dated prehistoric times. Art, Pictures and symbols (representing poems) of ancient times are still available in pyramids, caves and monuments.

Both of these art forms have a connection with every society and culture since ages. But as the World is becoming a global village, these cultures are moving towards a common form of art that has a wide acceptability Raven

Poem and art let your express your feelings in form of words and colours & lines. Most astonishing fact is that everyone interprets the work of art as per their understanding, beliefs and values. It is always a fun thing when you hear or listen to different prospective to your poem and art wild birds in captivity

As I love nature therefore you will see most poetry about nature, flora and fauna. I love reading books, playing video games and watching movies but somehow I get some time for study and writing poems and drawings Invisible feelings

What do you think?

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